What to do during Spring Break in Virginia Beach

Spring Break is next week and you may be scrambling trying to think of new things to do in the area. I totally get it, there are only so many times you can hit up a bounce house or the park. So I crowd sourced a few ideas for you, and I definitely think they are winners. Here’s the list of things to do for Spring Break in Virginia Beach.

If you check any of these out I would love to hear what you think and how it went!

Mt Trashmore

The locals know it, but anyone who is visiting from out of town might not; Mt Trashmore is an abandoned landfill reinvented and transformed into a park. There’s a giant playground, running loops, and also “the mountain”.

Starting April 1st all skate parks in Virginia Beach Parks and Rec are free admission. If you haven’t been to the skate park at Mt Trashmore yet, you’re in good company because neither have I. It does look fun from the outside though and FREE is the magic word so I’m sure I’ll bere here with the kids at some point.

Norfolk Zoo

The Norfolk Zoo, although clearly not in Virginia Beach, is one of our FAVORITE places to visit lately. If you haven’t been in a few years just know that they have done some major work on it and it is super easy to navigate for moms with little guys.

My favorite exhibit is the Australian walkabout where you get to walk through a pen full of wallabies and kangaroos!! I know you don’t get to touch them… but I’m always hoping that one day a kangaroo will come up and touch ME. There are no signs that say animals can’t touch the guests and if a kangaroo wants to gently pat my body, who am I to say NO!? It could happen, I will continue hoping until the magic happens.

One of the zoo membership perks is the monthly pass swap and this year they are swapping with the Military Aviation Museum. So if you are pass member you get a two for one activity here. If you’re not a pass member this alone is worth checking into it, eventually they will pass swap with the Aquarium. We all know that is worth the money!

Every Kid in a Park

Parents who have fourth graders this year, did you know about the Every Kid in a Park Pass? Basically this is a free national park pass for your 4th grader that allows them, and a limited number of family members, free entry into any national parks.

We are so lucky in Virginia to have a whole slew of national parks relatively nearby. If you haven’t been to Williamsburg, Jamestown, or Ft Monroe this would be the perfect time to check them out!

To read more about the pass click here: Every Kid in a Park

Netflix and Chill-out

You know what, I get it, sometimes going out and doing all the things is the opposite of what you want for Spring Break. Maybe you’re looking forward to NOT having to do all the crazy things you usually fill a week with.

It’s cool, I got you, and here’s the line-up for Netflix’s April movie and original show releases. At first it looks a little underwhelming but Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood is in there and I love that movie like I can’t even tell you.

For anyone with HBO, well, you know what we’ve been waiting for. WINTER IS COMING!!! Finally, Game of Thrones is back and it starts up our spring break week! Clearly the Lord of Light has our back on this one!

Tour the Brock Environmental Center

Did you know that here in VB we have one of the most environmentally friendly commercial buildings in the world? The Brock Environmental Center is tucked back into Pleasure House Point and if you have never been by to see it, you need to change that.

It was built in 2014 by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation as an example of environmentally conscious construction in a commercial property. Tours are free and the scenery is beautiful, definitely check them out at this link here: Brock Environmental Center.

The Public Library

Just in case you forgot, the Virginia Beach Public Library has a whole slew of Spring Break activities for kids of all ages. Some activities require registration, others are just drop in, there are even a couple Zumba classes.

Check out the full list of activities at this link here: VB Library Spring Break

Home Depot Classes

Ok, this one could be kids optional. I was reminded by my awesome Sister-in-law that Home Depot does classes each spring and summer and they’re free. So I went digging to find the schedule at my local HD and guess what I found?

Not only do they offer the kid classes for building and crafting fun projects. They ALSO have classes for adults who want to learn some cool skills like, how to tile a bathroom, how to take care of your lawn in spring, how to stain your deck… and more!

Did I instantly get all tingly and want to start working on some home projects? That would be a major yes. I don’t even have a deck but I am 100% interested in learning how to stain and care for one.

So check out your local Home Depot to see what they’re offering!

Bergey’s Breadbasket

Ok, this is another one that is not in Virginia Beach but it’s close enough, so…

Let me just lay this out here in my Kanye voice, Bergey’s Breadbasket is the greatest of all time. OF. ALL. TIME.

Bergey’s is a family-owned farm and dairy with a restaurant/deli for eating. They have AMAZING ice cream, fresh delicious bread that makes their sandwiches insanely delicious, and they make whole pot pies you can purchase for dinner later.

So, there is food, fun farm things to see, food, cute animals to pet, ICE CREAM (and I don’t even like ice cream but this stuff is so good). All of the things you need in your life and they’re right there in one little spot in Chesapeake. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Find all the details here: Bergey’s Breadbasket

Cape Henry Lighthouse

The Cape Henry Lighthouse is down off Shore Drive and located on Ft Story. It was one of the first public works projects commissioned by the United States Government and it is in shockingly good shape for its age. One of the perks of visiting this spot is the vehicle search done at the gates of the base, my kids especially loved that. I’m not kidding, they were really into it.

There is a Groupon up right now for the Cape Henry Lighthouse and I highly suggest you snatch it right up!

Learn more about the lighthouse here: Cape Henry Lighthouse

So there’s your list of ideas! If you find more fun stuff to get up to drop it in the comments and have fun on break!

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