Urban Pumpkin Patching

So, the house that we bought in December is on a moderately busy road, actually a we’re on a double yellow line road. The neighbor we know the best is the Chinese restaurant two houses down and across the street. So when I say we went Urban Pumpkin Patching know that I mean we walked like four houses down and across a kind of busy intersection.

So let me tell you about pumpkin picking with the kids, from the first second we announced we were going Conner was crying. At almost seven he has a million other things he would rather be doing and they all involve youtube videos of random people opening Easter eggs. Tough shit.

Now Beau, he was ecstatic. He ran to throw on his crocs and jacket and was ready in about three seconds, and the same for Tillie. I grabbed the wagon out of the garage and we started on our way. Conner begged to ride with his sister and wiped away tears as he coped with the unimaginable turn his life had taken.

Everyone not in a wagon held hands, Beau skipped happily along. Now unfortunately happy skipping is does not work out well when you’re a middle child who always seems to be in hand me down crocs that are a little on the large side. He lost a shoe twice before we reached the intersection across from the pumpkin patch, and so nonchalantly, I mean we were literally standing at the light and he says “My shoe is back there” pointing 50 feet behind him.

We took a minute to collect shoes and get everyone’s head in the game before crossing the street. We realized once at the intersection that there is no crosswalk, because our city is stupid like that. So we had to wait for some kind of break and in traffic and light change combo to run like crazy across this street. Which we totally did, and wouldn’t you believe Beau made it to the other side… without a shoe.

Beau had lost his shoe in the middle of the intersection, and there was no way we could immediately go back. We all stood on the sidewalk and watched his hand me down croc get run over three or four times while all the kids screamed and the adults reassured him that crocs are squishy, it would be fine. Spoiler alert, I was right and the croc totally survived… the jibbitz not so much… but he hasn’t noticed yet.

We collected ourselves once again and strolled into the pumpkin patch, where everyone’s mood was vastly improved with stickers and festive gourds. I took photographic evidence.

Conner not quite in the pumpkin patch spirit yet

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I think this picture shows their varying levels of excitement perfectly.


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