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So then I built a table…

Coming into 2018 I have been determined to take things that intimidate me and crush them. Smoosh those feelings and follow my own personal lifetime resolution of “doing whatever the hell I want”. So, in the spirit of this, I decided I was going to take on something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I was going to learn how to use power tools and build something living on my extensive Pinterest DIY list. I am building something big (probably way too big) and practical, I’m building a table!!!

Do not even act like you don’t have a DIY Pinterest dreams of your own (thanks Joanna!!!!). Now, some ladies have husbands who build them whatever they want, that’s awesome for you if you do. I just have a husband who can cook me whatever I want, and I guess that’s ok too. He can build things, he has the tools, know-how, and ability… I guess he just does not have the desire. Oh well. So knowing this, it falls to me to make my DIY dreams happen and I’m totally OK with that.

Now, I’ve been intimidated by power tools (mostly saws) for a while now. It is terrifying to think that I could saw up a bunch of wood and then find out I did it wrong, or it didn’t fit together, or there was a serious lack of structural integrity once it was finished. These fears have kept me locked in a glass case of emotion and given me a certain level of anxiety whenever I look at my Pinterest goals.

I have such a hard time being bad at something and the idea that all my effort could possibly generate not one lick of home furnishing (but maybe a pretty rad bonfire) was daunting. It sucks to suck. I like to pick things up fast and quickly feel the satisfaction of a job well done (or a job done well enough to pass as finished). I do not like feeling like I invested time, money, and hope on something that turned into a trainwreck.

wearing a tool belt in the workshop


So starting January 1st I ripped the band-aid off this project and slowly let myself drift into a world of sawdust, wood scraps, and measuring things not once, not even twice, but usually around three times. Let me just give you an idea how it has gone: tomorrow is April 1st and the table is not finished *womp womp*

People, building things is hard! Also, building things requires free time. On the flip-side it is relaxing and satisfying and so good for the soul, but I have a free time problem and I need to just admit that right here. So, my goal for Spring Break 2018 is to finish this guy and boot him out of the workshop. I can do it. I will do it. Send me all the happy thoughts because I refuse to let this become something my husband teases me about for the next 20 years.

So stay tuned for next weeks blog entry where *fingers crossed* there will be a finished table AND a timeline of pain, suffering, and lessons learned along the way…. so many lessons.

unfinished wood table in workroom




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