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March Side Hustle Income Totals

This month I decided to try throwing myself back into making some side-hustle money. At least that is what I intended.

It didn’t completely work out like that… but I did still make $133.99 total for the month so it’s not a total loss!

I originally wanted to focus in three separate areas:

  1. Poshmark/eBay Sales
  2. Online Surveys
  3. Driving for Uber/Lift/Uber Eats

Now I was honestly hoping for LOTS of money. I really wanted to be swimming in all the extra cash. I wanted to be fanning dollar bills into the air while I did cartwheels and watched my debt melt away into the past.

Clearly, that did not occur but I had some pretty major take-aways here. I’ll lay them out below and maybe you too will be inspired to start some very small side hustles of your own.

Poshmark/eBay Sales – $8.99

Little known fact about me, I used to make some serious side income buying clothes in thrift stores and selling them on eBay.

To be specific I was flipping Victoria’s Secret brand bras and lingerie. Let me just tell you friends, they have a great resale value. People have joked me about this being the most shady side hustle of all time. While it may seem a little Orange is the New Black, it’s actually a super legit way to make money.

I also cleaned out my drawers and started listing items on Poshmark to see if I liked that setup better than eBays. I only have a few things in my online closet and I’m still working out the best way to use the site, but I can see it has definite potential! If you’re new to Poshmark you should definitely check it out, here is the link to my closet.

All in all I sold two bras from an old inventory I still had on hand and made a whopping $6.99 plus an extra $2 worth of handling fees.

I definitely feel like selling clothing online is something you have to work to build an inventory on and be connecting with other “Poshers” who are looking to buy. I’m not giving up on this hustle yet, so more to come here!

Online Surveys – $125

So, let me tell you about this one, because this turned out to be the accidental winner!

I learned about this site Respondent from one of my favorite Podcasts The Side Hustle Show (if you’re unfamiliar with the site, it is definitely worth checking out!). Respondent offers a platform for corporate entities looking for feedback from their target audience base to find that target audience. The site offers a slew of different surveys for you to take, and if a company picks you to offer feedback you stand to make a chunk of cash (between $30-$200)

Alas, I was picked for one $60 survey this month and it ended up falling through because I used the wrong type of deodorant. Not a problem because another survey source came through for me.

I was picked to give some feedback on a new Facebook feature, Mentoring. Facebook has recently begun a project that offers mentorship relationships for folks who are involved in groups. I’m in a working mom’s group where I have connected with another mom in tech using this new relationship structure.

For $125 Facebook wanted an hour of my time and feedback on how that was working out for me. I was more than happy to help with that!

Uber Eats/Lyft – 0$

I feel like this could be a really great side hustle income source but I just never got it off the ground. Out the gate I had issues with my car insurance card not displaying information in the format they wanted, bummer.

I’m sure I can call and get it corrected through my insurance company, I just haven’t yet. So, more on this coming in April’s update.


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