extreme spinning is not for me

This week was a crazy ride. After finishing the first season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix I decided that we have definitely been doing home decor wrong, also I can’t wait to be 70. If you haven’t seen the show I recommend you check it out, the two characters live in a beach house that obviously cost millions of dollars to decorate. After some googling I found it is a style called “Coastal” I have informed my husband I am changing our decorating theme. I mean our current theme is kind of “mid century mod meets kindergarten classroom and last months birthday decorations” with a whole lot of empty space we hope to someday have enough furniture to fill. I think if I add some deep blues, starfish, and texture we will definitely be pulling. it. off.

Anyway, thinking about decor distracted my mind from all the other things I’ve been working so hard on lately. I think my brain basically has two directions of focus on any subject 1. completely obsessed and 2. don’t give a crap. So if I’m obsessed with decor, that means six weeks into half marathon training I no longer gave a crap about running. Damn it. I’ve been trying to talk myself back into it… I’m almost there… I think if I just paint a couple walls I can relax and refocus my brain back on running.
I also tried a new spin class this week, because after the Bikram hot yoga fiasco I have for some reason been drawn to extreme fitness classes. I took Spinbata on Monday… and I can still feel it in muscles I didn’t know I had.
Let me give you a brief overview. Spinbata is a spin class that seems to focus mostly on the upper body, and that should be your first clue that it is insane. Your legs do not stop moving on that bike for a full hour, unless, like me, your foot accidentally comes flying free of the clip on the pedal and you almost die (but also get a 15 second break while you sort that situation out). While your legs are flying in circles, your arms are doing push ups in all sorts of forms, lots and lots of them. You bend from the front, and from the side, you tap your butt back on the seat, you yell WOOO! when prompted. You watch sweat pool under your bike and wonder if you heard wrong and this class is longer than an hour because surely, surely you have been here for more than 60 minutes!!!!!! 
The last 10 minutes of the class you pick up hand weights and do a series of shoulder exercises that were basically impossible due to the noodle arms I now had attached to my body. It took all my strength not to accidentally punch my coworker next to me off her bike, I was basically pushing weights around with little to no control over where my arms went. I think for the sake of everyone I will stick to my regular spin classes from now on.
I’ll finish up the post with some photos, one of which was taken with a selfie stick because that is just how I role and there is no shame in my selfie stick game.
on occasion this rogue mini shopping cart gang roams the local Kroger wreaking havoc on the ankles of innocent shoppers

Oh yeah, it was totally our anniversary on Monday, is it just me or are we getting better looking with age


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