4th of July Weekend

To celebrate this fourth this year we spent the weekend at a friend’s lake house. I mean not actually in the house so much as in a camper with Nic’s parents but either way it. Was. Awesome. I seriously could get used to living in nature, and the kids agree, three days spent pretending lake floating qualified as bathing really agreed with us.
I took a ton of pictures, never of all three kids together because that would just be insanity apparently. Actually I completely forgot to photograph one of them whatsoever, so all the cool things Conner did jumping off of boats and docks… not documented. On the plus side of that my middle child can no longer complain that he is always forgotten, I have the pics to prove that is simply not true… at least for this weekend.
Peruse the picture of that awesome middle baby Beau back floating around the pond. Isn’t he awesome? All the little guys got a quick “how to survive in the deeper than you end” training session and the main tool in their belt is the back float. Big shout out to my littlest who waded out too deep within the first 15 minutes of being in the water, thus necessitating the swim lesson.
I’ve saved each kid’s life at least once, if she learns from the first experience she’ll be way ahead of her brothers who I’ve had to rescue multiple times.  Beau seems to be a little less adventurous this year, and it’s about effing time, he mostly took it upon himself to alert us when other children were danger. In a shrill voice that suddenly takes on an accent thicker than Scarlet O’Hara’s he would yell “Mah sistah! Mah sistah, someone halp her! Oh mah goodness she cain’t swem!” Never mind that he was literally a foot from her and had an extra four inches of height she lacked in the shallow water… I guess we’ll have to work on emergency response skills later.
Although I did not get any good pictures of Conner over the weekend he did take like 30 pictures of me, sitting on the deck… apparently suffering from a bad case of Resting Bitch Face. I mean I didn’t even know I suffered from the condition, but I have the photos to prove it now I guess. Did people know this about me? How have I never realized. I’m working on a more pleasant resting face as we speak… maybe something like this…



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