Welcome to Kerri on the Rocks, I’m Kerri, your blog hostess extraordinaire!

This is me:

You may be seeing this picture and thinking “Damn, this chic looks familiar!” It’s cool, you may have been one of the 50 people who used to read my blog over at Elbow Deep in Someone Else’s Sh*t. Also, I have one of those faces, where people think they’ve met you before and random strangers  tell you you look like a long lost relative.

Elbows was my mom blog/place where I talked about all the crap happening in my life. Literal crap. I have three kids and they are all right around 18 months apart, so there was a lot of crap for a lot of years.

Look at me now though!

Things have changed. All kids are potty trained, all kids can make a Nutella sandwich, all kids sleep in their own beds. They’re practically ready for college.

Kerri on the Rocks is a different spot, inspired by my deep seeded inability to settle in and concentrate on one thing. Why do one thing well when you can do 50 things kind of OK?!

My life is chaos. I am truly “on the rocks” most of the time. I have come to just accept that if crazy is a constant circulation in your life you need to look at the one constant… that constant is me. I am a chaos magnet, I don’t understand why, but I go with it. It’s the reality now.

So welcome, I hope you stick around and dig through some of the archives. If you were here in person I would make you a cold beverage and regale you with hilarious tales of my children, work life, and that one awkward time I drank too much at a company Christmas party (hi my name is Kerri and I overshare). Short story long, we would be friends. So I guess that makes this a “welcome friend!” situation.


OK, I’ll stop talking now, at least for a few minutes, maybe.

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