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5 Free Resources for the Comptia A+ Exam

If you’ve followed the link from my free study tips post, Welcome! If you haven’t read that post definitely take a minute or two to give it a read. Passing the CopmTIA A+ exams can be daunting but you can do and I can help!

You might think going in you need to spend a bunch of money on an expensive course, or a little money on a cheap and quick course. It’s your choice what resource you invest in, but remember the exam itself has a price tag… so maybe try to save some moolah on the studying piece of this venture.

Here are my top favorite resources for free study tools:

5. CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One  Exam Guide: Here is the book on Amazon CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: SY0-401, but I don’t recommend you buy it… pick it up at your local library!! Do not spend money on the book unless you truly feel like you will continue to use it, even after you pass the exam!

4. CompTIA’s own website: with an exam like this you need to understand the test itself as much as you understand the material. Go over everything on the CompTIA site to get an understanding of how things are laid out and start studying towards their structure.

3. Free practice questions: There are some awesome free exam questions out there and I highly recommend you do a google search and find as many places as you can. The idea is to test your knowledge against multiple versions of test questions. If you run the same practice exams over and over you will learn the test and not retain true knowledge on the subject matter, so variety is key! Here are a few links to get you started:

  1. CertBlaster A+ Exam Prep Questions
  2.  Crucial Exams A+ Exam Questions 
  3. Exam Compass (I’ve removed the link because this site is not working currently, however, I love their setup and question phrasing so I will link back when they are running again.)

2. Have you heard of Quizlet? Remember when you were younger and you burned through note cards every semester using them to drill exam facts into your brain?  Well, now you have Quizlet! It’s an online database of note card facts that covers nearly every subject, including comptia exams (what what!). I’m telling you this resource is the bomb! They have multiple review settings, traditional flashcard, multiple choice answer, match the answers, or learn mode. I seriously love this resource and you will too, here’s the link straight to some A+ topics.

1.  My favorite guy, Professor Messer: If you’re new to the certification game you may not have heard of this guy, so you’re welcome for the introduction. Professor Messer has a YouTube video series on nearly all of the CompTIA certification exams. The videos are broken down by objective which makes for super easy studying, add in that he has his own groups of free practice exam questions and the dude is literally my hero!! All is free unless you want his condensed notes, which are a crazy deal at only $10 for the download, and they’re worth every dollar! Here’s the link to his site

I hope these resources are as helpful to you as they were to me. Good luck on your exam, kick ass and take names!


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