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Hi! I’m Kerri –

Working mom, cranky wife, and obnoxiously loving mother to three wild humans.

You have happened upon my blog space… the place where I dish all my kids secrets, post photos of the finer moments in life, and share advice on life, work, and faking your way through Pinterest crafts.

I honestly believe that we are all succeeding and failing equally at motherhood/life/careers/fashion… you name it… no one is perfect, but I’ve noticed some of you are doing it in  much better lighting than I. Beyond all the pin perfect homes, fabulous fashion photos, and sappy shout-outs to our kids there’s just a bunch of mama’s trying to get by!

If you feel like this is you, welcome friend! Here’s a frosty beverage and popsicle for your kiddo… now, let’s chat and ignore the kids while they destroy my playroom.



I’ve spent a lot of time looking for balance in my life, secrets to coping with anxiety, dealing with work stress, keeping everyone happy, and making sure that middle kid never feels ignored.

I have discovered one secret I will share with you here, they lied when they said balance is a thing. Motherhood is as fluid as you can get in life, constant change is the only norm. I was a perfect parent for exactly two years… well three I guess. Those first years when my oldest was young and we did everything right, no for real we were really great parents… and then he turned three and blew our whole image because as you probably know, three-year-olds are the freakin’ worst.

This life if crazy rocky, but we can get through it, and really who needs balance when you have a great mom friend and cheap bottle of wine (or box, I’m down with wine in any container (except maybe homemade prison wine… never mind, whatever, I’m not weird you are!)).



I fall into that ever growing tribe of hassled and harassed working moms. If you are constantly juggling work and some kind of school function, most of which you miss and the few you do attend take an act of god to arrange, you my people.

I actually work in Information Technology, if it happens on a computer or to a computer its within my realm. If you’re looking for a career in this field, which can be very mom schedule friendly, check out my posts on Comptia certification exams. Moms helping moms advance their careers is just about my favorite thing ever!